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Centres d’Accueil Héritage (CAH) is a non-profit organization funded by various donors, including various levels of government. These funders pay particular attention to the number of members of our organization since it is a scale of interest for the Francophone community.

Your membership in CAH and your financial support are of fundamental importance to the growth of our organization.

All personal donations are tax deductible. In addition, you can save 10% on the purchase of any service or merchandise from certain sponsors listed on the back of the membership card. You can become a member of the corporation at any time. To become one, you will have to meet certain criteria:

  1. be French-speaking,
  2. be consistent with the mission, vision and values of the corporation,
  3. have a good reputation in the community (integrity, reliability, dedication, etc.),
  4. demonstrate knowledge of the community (or interest in knowing it).
We would like to count you among our members! If you would like to join us, we ask you to print and legibly complete the form below with your clear and complete contact information and fax it to us at 416-365-1533 or scan it and email it to us at TBC (if you are using your credit card) or by mail (if you are writing a cheque to the attention of Centre d’Accueil Héritage) to the following address:
Centres d’Accueil Héritage
33 Hahn Place, Room 104,
Toronto, ON M5A 4G2

The amount of the contribution is $20 for the calendar year from January 1 to December 31.
For more information, please contact Paul Lapierre, Assistant Executive Director, at 416-365-3350, ext. 262 or
Download the PDF version of the forms:
Member as a Corporation or Non-Profit Organization
Individual member of the corporation.