Elderly Persons Centre

The Centre coordinates and delivers social, cultural, inter-generational and spiritual activities for independent seniors with a view to promoting their health and wellbeing and developing a sense of belonging to an active and welcoming community. The EPC is especially proud of the variety of programming it provides as well as the outings it offers outside of Toronto. The EPC also provides daily exercise classes and computer training. The EPC has a computer centre fully equipped with computers, webcams and a printer for the use of clients so they can stay connected with family and friends via the Internet. In short, the EPC strives to encourage seniors to maintain their active participation in modern life.


Adults 55 years of age and over

Hours of operation:

7 days a week


33 Hahn Place
Toronto, ON M5A 4G2


$20 for an annual membership card + minimal monthly charge for activities

For information, please contact Jean Tété at 416-365-3350 extension 242, Monday to Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.

or by email at jtete@caheritage.org

Sole provider of community support services in French in the Greater Toronto Area