CAH manages a French-language Homemaking program for Toronto seniors who have difficulty performing certain tasks in their daily lives. This program, which is partially funded by the Toronto Central LHIN (Ministry of Health), includes a standardized assessment of the needs of people aged 55+ with loss of autonomy. This assessment determines the level of assistance that a CAH caregiver will be able to provide to the client in his or her environment, in order to preserve autonomy.

Research confirms that seniors’ dearest hope is to stay in their homes as long as possible!

Who needs our Homemaking services?
At a first meeting, the CAH case manager asks a series of questions to the client, based on a standardized test. He also assesses the client’s fitness level and the level of safety of the environment. The outcome of this meeting will determine the client’s eligibility and the number of hours of Homemaking service that will meet their needs. (Needs are reassessed annually.)

Seniors seeking Homemaking service must meet with a case manager in their home to assess their needs. Contact Jean Tété at 416-365-3350, ext. 242 or by email at jtete@caheritage.org to book an appointment for a free evaluation..

Nature of Homemaking services
The form of homemaking assistance offered by CAH greatly promotes physical and/or cognitive activation, encouraging client participation in active aging. Why? For the simple reason that what we don’t use, we lose! (See this interesting article.) During their visits, according to your needs, our care workers will perform simple but vital tasks WITH YOU for a healthy and safe daily life.

Some examples of services according to the identified need:
• Light housekeeping including laundry  The attendant evaluates the light housekeeping activities that can be done with the client’s participation by suggesting safe ways to do them (emphasis on disinfection).
• Runs  The attendant can accompany the client during his/her trips by foot or taxi. If the client is unable to travel, the clerk can go alone to buy a few basic items that are missing.
 Meal preparation  The attendant assists the client in preparing meals, for example by chopping what is harder to cut.
• Activation  The attendant does exercise sessions with the client from our Dr Actif program and engages in social activities.

Good to know
• Homemaking services are offered between 9 am and 5 pm. (Sometimes a client may be on a waiting list.)
• Clients receive individual information or education on self-care.
• The attendants make a security call the day before they come to ensure that everything is fine and that the client will be at home.

Cost of homemaking services
Homemaking costs $10 per hour.
This advantageous hourly rate includes the grant from the Toronto Central LHIN (Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care). The number of hours of service provided to clients is assessed according to the level of need determined by the standardized assessment. (Note that CAH may offer an additional grant, upon proof of income. You can discuss this with the case manager.)