Gilles-Barbeau Golf Tournament for CAH

This year, the Gilles-Barbeau Golf Tournament for CAH was in its 10th year. Our golf tournament is the annual social event for Francophones and Francophiles in support of CAH. During the Gilles-Barbeau Golf Tournament for CAH 2019, the community demonstrated that it cared about the well-being of Francophone seniors. Funds of $19,235 were raised.

Each year, CAH calls on you, the community, to solicit your financial support to help francophone seniors in need in Toronto. For the 10th edition, we had bigger ambitions; to raise $30,000 for the purchase of a new van for the transportation and safety of our senior clients, including social and recreational outings that break the isolation.

31 sponsors and more than 50 donors in 2019

(currently under construction) In 2019, the golf organizing committee encouraged the generosity of 31 sponsors and more than 50 donors in cash or in kind, not to mention many dynamic volunteers. Their donations and sponsorships will allow CAH to subsidize community meals (to reduce the isolation of seniors), transportation for some of its Adult Day Program clients (to provide respite for their caregivers), and supplies for CAH programs (to preserve the autonomy of its clients at risk).

Our generous sponsors
Action Positive
Association des enseignantes et des enseignants franco-ontariens (AEFO)
Aline Ayoud HR Consulting
Banque de Montréal (Daniel Charendoff)
Banque nationale du Canada (Sabri Ismaël et Diana Morais)
Canaccord Genuity
Centre de leadership et d’évaluation (CLE)
Centre francophone de Toronto
Chevaliers de Colomb (Conseil Notre Dame)
Chevaliers de Colomb-Assemblée
Chevaliers de Colomb (Conseil P`ere Lamarche)
Chirp Design Agency
Claude-Reno D’Aigle
Club Richelieu Toronto
Club Richelieu Trillium
Collège Glendon
Commissariat aux services en français
Conseil scolaire catholique MonAvenir
Costa Leclerc Design
Diane Saint-Pierre
Edward Jones (Dave Farwell)
Entité 4
La Bréhandaise Catering
La Simultanée-ATIO
Le Métropolitain
McLean & Dickey Insurance
Ormston List Frawley LLP
Reflet Salvéo
Royal Lepage (Jean Castonguay)

Our beloved donors
Suzanne Alberga, Daniel Barry, Henri Bigras, Patrick Boily, Marjolaine Boutet, Barbara Ceccarelli, Yolande Côté, Dominic Mailloux (Club canadien), Lise Devine, Maureen Devine, Dave Farwell, Fondation Hélène-Tremblay Lavoie, Maryse Francella, Jeanine Gagné, Isabelle Girard, Avanthi Goddard, Jamie Guerra, Joyce Irvine, L’Amicale du Centre Communautaire de Durham, Roch Lalonde, Claudia Lebeuf, Claude Légère, Ron McGougall, Marek Nesvabda, Lucie Laprade, Gérald Pezet, Claire Prest, Colette Raphël, Marine Rigal, Diane Saint-Pierre, Lorraine St-Onge, Paul-François Sylvestre, TABB, Assiatou Diallo, Fernand et Thérese Vachon, Monique Telmosse, and anonymous donors.