Rental Apartments for Seniors and People Living with HIV/AIDS

Place Saint-Laurent, a nine-storey building, has 135 apartments, including, 80 one-bedroom and 55 two-bedroom units. A hundred of the apartments are subsidized while the other 35 are at market rent. Some of the subsidized apartments are reserved for adults living with HIV/AIDS. The apartments feature a kitchenette, one or two bedrooms, storage space and a private balcony. The building is equipped with a modern security system, including the services of a security guard (24 hours/day). Parking is available in the garage at additional cost. There is a hairdresser on site two days a week.


Selected from among people who have submitted a housing application form


Place Saint-Laurent
33 Hahn Place
Toronto, ON M5A 4G2


Rent: market rents (subsidies are available with proof of income)

*There may be a waiting list.

Wheel chair accessible

For information, please contact Hassiatou Salé at 416-365-3350 extension 232, Monday to Friday between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.

or by email at hsale@caheritage.org


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