La Gazette

La Gazette for August-September 2019 is on line! You can also click below on the page of your choice. We remind you that La Gazette is the newsletter published in French six times a year by CAH (Centres d’Accueil Héritage). In it, you will find the latest news and practical information from CAH, as well as the monthly calendar of activities for our members of the Active Living Centre.











Archives (coming soon)

APRIL 2019 to MARCH 2020
La Gazette JUIN-JUILLET 2019
La Gazette AVRIL-MAI 2019

APRIL 2018 à MARCH 2019
La Gazette FÉVRIER-MARS 2019
La Gazette DÉCEMBRE 2018-JANVIER 2019
La Gazette AOÛT-SEPTEMBRE 2018
La Gazette JUIN-JUILLET 2018
La Gazette AVRIL-MAI 2018